Squaw Butte Chapter
Emmett, Idaho

Est: 1992

A Non-Profit Service Organization

What Is Back Country Horsemen?       

As Back Country Horsemen (BCHA), we are dedicated to preserving and perpetuating recreational stock use, commensurate with our heritage, on virtually all public lands. BCH of America is a national, (501 c3) non-profit organization, formed in 1973, with affiliates in 31 states, 194 chapters and a membership of over 13,000 in 2019.

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Volunteer Service Hours
In 2018 we had another great year with just over 12.1 million dollars worth of volunteer dollars donated with over 322,125 volunteer hours from 30 different states. Throughout the year this included just under 10,956 stock were used while volunteering plus over 1.6 million travel miles. Thanks again to all the BCHA members who tirelessly volunteer keeping our public trails open.
Here are the number of hours and their calculated value for the work that BCHA members have done over the last 22 years. The total for 22 years is 5,419,862 hours for a total donated dollar value of $151,910,976 Wow!! Thanks BCHA Members for all your hard work.

Year    Hours     Value
2018    322,125     $12,170,827
2017    324,154  $12,987,807
2016    341,503     $13,335,692

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Idaho Public Lands

Public lands are part of our identity as Idahoans. These lands are home to the Shoshone-Bannock, Shoshone-Paiute, Nez Perce, Palouse, Coeur d’Alene, Kaniksu, Kalispel, Salish, and Kootenai Tribes who have been living here for thousands and thousands of years. Their narratives give added meaning to the landscape and continue to do so today. Much of these landscapes are now managed by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as public lands. Together, the Forest Service and BLM oversee most of the federally administered public lands in the state’s 53.4 million acres, with 20.5 (38% of the state) and 11.8 million acres (22% of the state) respectively.

Idaho’s public lands serve as vital habitat for fish and wildlife, provide clean drinking water for our families, help drive our economy, create amazing recreation opportunities, and support our way of life in innumerable ways. People from all around the world come here to admire Idaho’s towering mountains, explore remote canyons, experience the adventure of a lifetime on one of Idaho’s wild and scenic rivers, and more.

Who Are Back Country Horsemen Of Idaho?

Back Country Horsemen of Idaho (BCHI) is a (501 c4)  non-profit organization with a number of chapters spread throughout our beautiful state.  Watch 2017 Video

We are dedicated to perpetuating the common sense use and enjoyment of horses in America's back country and wilderness. We work to insure that public lands remain open to recreational stock use and assist the various government and private agencies in their maintenance and management of those resources.  BCHI Volunteers reports

We invite you to become actively involved in preserving your heritage of back country stock use, by joining one of the existing BCHI chapters

To participate on a BCHI event or activity you must join a chapter!

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Squaw Butte Chapter of BCHI  established 1992  and is named after the peak that towers over Emmett, ID. The butte was renamed “Sehewoki’I Newenee’an Katete” by the department of Interior in September 2022. 

The new names are actually very old names, in the Shoshoni language, according to Nolan Brown with the Language and Cultural Preservation Center at Fort Hall Idaho. Brown breaks down the translation of the Butte name. “Sehewoki’i means “willows standing in a row,” said Brown. This is a term that was used for much of the area of the Payette and Boise River valleys. It is more a traditionally recognized Native description of the geographic region.” “Newenee’an in singular form means human beings and in plural would translate to Peoples.” Katete translates to Butte.  Like many languages, the syntax differs from English so the most literal interpretation of the new name for Gem County’s iconic butte would be “People of the Willows Standing in a Row Butte.” 

The SB Chapter meets in Emmett Idaho, at the La Costa Restaurant on the first Thursday of each month. 

The business meeting starts at 7 PM, but members and guests usually arrive early to enjoy the excellent food and lively conversation.

SB Chapter members live in Ada, Boise, Canyon, Gem, Payette and Washington Counties, and ride and do projects in the Boise and Payette National forest, BLM managed lands and Sawtooth and Frank Church wilderness. Continuing education is important to chapter members and numerous opportunities are available throughout the year. Chapter members are also active at the state (BCHI) and national (BCHA) levels to insure that public lands remain open to recreational stock use; to assist the various government and private agencies in their maintenance and management of said resource; to educate, encourage, and solicit active participation in the wise use of the back country resource by horsemen and the general public commensurate with our heritage; and to foster and encourage the growth of BCHA. 

Our members activities include:

This years calendar will be equally exciting with many fun opportunities and great experiences.  Come check us out. We look forward to seeing you at a future meeting or event.

Contact info@sbbchidaho.org to ask questions and for details on our events.

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