SBBCH President's Corner
March 2018

“BCHI Convention & Board Meetings”

Learned a lot and met a lot of different people from around the state. It’s amazing how we have many of the same concerns. Though some of these concerns are unique to each region, it’s difficult to come up with solutions for the entire state, but all seemed to gather enough information to take and use for their chapter.

Friday the Foundation and State Directors held their meetings. The Foundation discussed how to bring in funds and more important, was verbiage on how these funds would be dispersed to best support the mission of BCHI. Something that has long been needed. State Directors handle the affairs of BCHI. Budget, bylaws, policies, proposals, and the list goes on. With so much to cover the BOD meeting lasts most of the day.

Saturday morning all gather together to give reports on these meetings and to vote, as a whole, on proposals and bylaw changes. These votes are by members present, up to eight delegates per chapter. The afternoon, usually filled with speakers, also brought education.

Joni Packard, from USFS Northern Region out of Montana, discussed Sawyer Certifications and training. Jeff Halligan, from the Idaho Trails Association, educated us on cross cut saws. The ins and outs on choosing a cross cut and the care and maintenance of one. These were followed by Chapter Training and Workshops, prepared by Marybeth Conger and Karen Kimball, Education.

I sat in on a couple of these Seminars and learned from both. At the Chapter Presidents table, I learned how each runs their chapter a little different and picked up an idea or two for me to bring to our meetings. Bill Conger taught the “class” with Rod Parks, BCHI Vice Chairman. Squaw Butte received kudos from Rod, apparently, he sat at one of our meetings and was impressed at how organized it was. In the next class Raenette Didier discussed The Idaho Horse Council, how it helps with litigation and how to be an active member of IHC.

Jill Nebecker discussed the web site for BCHI. Jill is the new Web Site Coordinator and is looking for comments from members on how to make it better. Jill can be reached on the BCHI web site under Contact Us. Go to her name and click on her e-mail.

The Convention was enjoyable and informative and for me brings a little closure to the first quarter which can sometimes get a little hectic. Now it’s time to get back to basics, SBBCH friends and their needs, thoughts and ideas.

Bill Holt
See you at the next meeting.         
Be safe and have fun..

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