SBBCH President's Corner
May 2017

“What?---Say what?---Did you say something?---Who is that?”

OH!  It’s me.
Our bodies talk to us all the time. They let us know what they need the trick is to listen. They tell us when they’re hungry and when they’re tired. Sometimes they tell us when they’re just not quite feeling well.
Let’s see what my body is telling me.

-Heavy chest pressure, like a tight squeeze.
-Extreme discomfort, light headed and anxious
-Arm pain, my left arm seems to just ache.
-Respiratory not working well, maybe I’m just tired.
Time to call 911? 

Nah. I’ll just sit and rest, It’ll go away as always.

We all know the symptoms of Heart Problems/ Heart Attack. H.E.A.R.T. There is one thing that sometimes keeps us from seeing these symptoms in ourselves.
“Denial”, that one element that keeps us from doing what we should in proper time. Some say it’s a guy thing.

You ask any female, they’ll tell you it’s a lack of common sense in the male gender. Whichever it be, it’s sometimes hard to get around. The sooner you get around “Denial”, the better the outcome.

It’s much safer to go to the E.R. spend your “quarter” and find out. Hopefully they tell you you’re nuts and send you home. Sometimes you’re on a trip to another hospital.
Best case scenario, either way, you get to go home. Now or later.
So, listen to yourself and get around yourself. Do what you know is right. NOW
Get around your EGO. Your body will thank you. Your family will thank you.
Life goes on.
Be safe and have fun..

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