SBBCH President's Corner
September 2017

“Sorry I’ve been away”

If you are looking for the President’s Corner for June July and August please don’t bother. I never wrote them.
As a measure to get my mind and body back to normal, I’ve been trying to rid myself of little stresses here and there, but I am also on the road back and doing a lot better. Sorry for any inconvenience.
 September is a big stress relief for me as my bow and I head for the hills. It’s the one time of year I feel totally relaxed. It’s what I live for. I will be gone quite a bit, but will be at September’s meeting. I also try to keep up with Foundation news.

For September’s “ Corner “ I have an observation. Seems the eclipse was huge on everyone’s mind. It was fun to watch the sun disappear through special glasses, yet I found more wonder in the world around me. Two days in the space of one.
Billy and Coacoa are out feeding in the pasture, the birds are tweeting. Life as normal. As the eclipse became more definite, and the sun began to disappear it became darker and quite cooler in temperature. Billy and Coacoa headed to the barn  as they do every night. The birds stopped tweeting and as I looked out across the valley, where it was the darkest, all the night lights came on.
As the eclipse passed, it got lighter, it got warmer, the birds began their tweeting, and Billy and Coacoa returned to the pasture looking quite confused at the shortness of the night.
It’s pretty amazing the power that light in the sky holds.
    See you at the September meeting.         
    Be safe and have fun..

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