Payette Nation Forest Trails

Project Date - Is the date a BCHI Chapter or other groups worked on the trail .  The USFS or other groups may have worked on the trail since.
Boise Chapter, HL Heart Land Chapter,  SB Squaw Butte Chapter, TV Treasure Valley Chapter,  SBFC Selway Bitteroot Frank Church Foundation
PTR PNF Trail Rangers, PTC PNF Trail Cat, MCC, NYC, CIMBA, MSJ McCall Smoke Jumpers, MHC McCall Hiking Club
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Trail System / Name Trail # Trail Miles Maint. By Project Date Trail Description
Council Ranger District
Allison Creek Trail 514 2.2 Description MAP 
Bear Creek TrailheadGPS 45.0877678  -116.60793
Bear Gap Trail 209 Description MAP
Calamity Creek Trail ? 3.3 Description MAP
Council Mountain Trail 198 9.4 Description MAP
Crystal Creek Trail 205 1.7 Description MAP
Deep Creek Trail 218 8.5 Description MAP
Deseret Cabin Trail 201 2.4 Description MAP
Deseret TrailheadGPS 44.7415395  -116.27004
Eckels Creek Trail 223 Description MAP
Eckels Creek / Kinney Creek Trail 222 Description MAP
Goodrich Creek Trail 241 Description MAP
Grouse Creek / Grizzly Creek trail 252 12.6 Description MAP
Indian Mountain / Fall Creek Trail 518 Description MAP 
Kinney Creek Trail 221 Description MAP
Little Bear Creek Trail 226 Description MAP
Sheep Rock Trail 519 Description MAP 
Warm Spring Creek Trail 203 Description MAP 
Wilson Creek Trail ? .8 Description MAP 

Krassel Ranger District
Bear Lake Trail 032 Description MAP 
Beaver Creek Trail 016 Description MAP
Big Bear Creek Trail 239 Description MAP
Big Creek/Smith Creek TrailheadGPS 45.1536868  -115.30258
Bismark / Lower Ramey Meadow Trail 012 Description MAP
Boulder Creek Trail 014 Description MAP 
Canyon Creek Trail 056 Description MAP 
Center Mountain Trail 065 13.1 Description MAP 
Cold Mountain Trail 043 Description MAP
Trail System / Name Trail # Trail Miles Maint. By Project Date Trail Description
Devils Toe Trail 208
Farrow Mountain Trail 042 Description MAP 
Harlen Meadows Trail 028 Description MAP
Hum Lake / north Fork Lick Creek Trail 082 Description MAP
Lemhi Trail 023 Description MAP 
Lower Lodgepole Trail 342 Description MAP 
Mayhan Cutoff Trail ? Description MAP 
Mccoy Cutoff Trail 211 Description MAP 
Miners' Peak Connection Trail ? Description MAP 
Missouri Creek Trail 031 Description MAP
Parks Peak Trail 069 Description MAP
Poverty Flat TrailheadGPS  44.8227924  -115.70351
Pueblo Summit Trail 013 Description MAP
Rainbow Ridge Trail 070 Description MAP
Rim /  Hen Creek Trail 020 Description MAP
Rocky Point Trail 030 Description MAP
Secesh Horse Camp GPS  45.0718848  -115.78912
Secech River Trail8014.3PTRSummer 2014 PNF Trail RangersDescription MAP
Six Mile Ridge Trail 088 Description MAP
South Fork Salmon River Trail 122 Description MAP
South Fork Salmon River Trail 77 Description MAP
Starvation Trail 037 Description MAP
Wapiti Creek Trail 343 Description MAP
White Bird Meadow Trail 029 Description MAP
McCall Ranger District
Ant Basin Trail324.9Description MAP
Arling Trail ?3HL BCHIJune 2014 Hartland BCHIDescription MAP GPS 44.62833 -116.15111
Bear Basin 1 Trail 400 Description MAP
Bear Basin 2 Trail 401 Description MAP
Bear Basin 4 Trail 403   Description MAP
Bear Basin 5 Trail 404 Description MAP
Bear Pete Ridge Trail14216.1PTRSummer 2014 PNF Trail RangersDescription MAP
Boulder Lake Trail 105 Description MAP
Box Lake Trail 110 Description MAP
Brush Lake Trail 311 Description MAP
Burgdorf-1 Trail 175 Description MAP
Trail System / Name Trail # Trail Miles Maint. By Project Date Trail Description
Burgdorf-2 Trail 176 Description MAP
Carey Lake Trail 368 Description MAP
Center Ridge Trail 504 10.5 PTR Summer 2014 PNF Trail Rangers Description MAP
China Creek Trail 113 Description MAP
Chinese Cenetery Trail 131 Description MAP
Cirque Basin Trail5061.2Description MAP
Cottontail Point Trail 137 Description MAP
Cougar Creek Trail 114 Description MAP
Cougar Saddle Trail3102.1Description MAP
Crestline Trail 109 Description MAP
Deep Creek Trail3364.7Description MAP
Dempsey Flat Trail 369 Description MAP 
Dogtown Trail 370 Description MAP
East Fork Kennally Creek Trail 099 Description MAP
East Fork Lake Fork Creek (Snowslide) Tail 104 Description MAP 
Elk Lake Trail 347 Description Map 
Elk Meadows Trail5006.5PTRSummer 2014 PNF Trail RangersDescription MAP
Fall Creek Loop Trail 107 Description MAP
Fall Creek Saddle Trail 108 3 PTC Summer 2014 PNF Trail Cat Description MAP
Floyd Meadows Trail 130 Description MAP
French Creek Spur Trail3086.1Description MAP
French Creek Trail11614.2PTRSummer 2014 PNF Trail RangersDescription MAP
Frog Lake Trail 171 Description MAP
Grimmet Creek Trail 129 Description MAP
Hard Butte Lookout Trail 508 Description MAP 
Hard Butte Trail 344 Description MAP
Hidden Lake Loop Trail 511 Description MAP
Houston Creek Trail 232 Description MAP 
James Creek Trail13210.4Description MAP
Jeanette Creek Trail1406.9Description MAP
Josephine Lake Trail 296 Description MAP
Lake Fork First Bridge Trail 339 Description MAP
Lava Lake Trail 374 Description MAP 
Little French Creek Meadow Trail 503 Description MAP
Little French Creek Trail3487.3Description MAP
Loon Creek Trail08411.1PTRSummer 2014 PNF Trail RangersDescription MAP
Loon Lake Trail08113.3PTRSummer 2014 PNF Trail RangersDescription MAP
Maki Lake Trail1351.9Description MAP
Middle Fork Elk Creek Trail 121 Description MAP
Morgan Lake Trail 372 Description MAP 
Trail System / Name Trail # Trail Miles Maint. By Project Date Trail Description
Needles Summit Trail 101
Nelson Point Trail1272.9Description MAP
Nethker Creek Trail 143 4 PTR Summer 2014 PNF Trail Rangers Description MAP
North Creek Trail1453.9PTRSummer 2014 PNF Trail RangersDescription MAP
North Fork Kennally Creek Trail 102 PTR Summer 2014 PNF Trail Rangers Description MAP
North Lake / Twenty Mile Lakes Trail3152.9Description MAP
Paddy Flat / Lake Fork Creek Trail 103 Description MAP
Partridge Link Trail 371 Description MAP
Pete Creek Trail 144 5 PTR Summer 2014 PNF Trail Rangers Description MAP
Rainbow Lake Spur 161 Description MAP
Raines Creek Trail1123.5Description MAP
Scibner Lake Trail 168 Description MAP
Scribner Ridge Trail 501 1 PTR Summer 2014 PNF Trail Rangers Description MAP
Serene Lake Trail 346 Description MAP
Six Mile Creek Trail 172 Description MAP 
Slaughter Gulch Trail12612.9Description MAP
South Fork Elk Creek Trail2844.2Description MAP
Smith Creek Trail 180 Description MAP
Steamboat Ridge Trail1287.0Description MAP
Twenty Mile Trail0859.7Description MAP
Twin Lake Trail 361 Description MAP
Upper Payette Lake Connector Trail 337 Description MAP
Upper Payette Lake Interpretive Trail 111 Description MAP
Vance Creek Trail 160 Description MAP
Victor Creek Trail 117 PTR Summer 2014 PNF Trail Rangers Description MAP
Warren Creek Trail1399.3Description MAP
West Fork Elk Creek Trail 120 Description MAP
Willow Basket Creek Trail1417.3PTR & Mini ExSummer 2014 PNF Trail RangersDescription MAP
Willow Creek Trail 136 6 PTC Summer 2014 PNF Trail Cat Description MAP
Trail System / Name Trail # Trail Miles Maint. By Project Date Trail Description
New Meadows RD
Ant Basin South Trail 519 Description MAP
Bally Mountain Trail 166 Description MAP
Bear Grass Saddle Trail 151 Description MAP
Big Hazard ATV Trail 316 Description MAP
Big Hazard Lake Trail 366 Description MAP
Black Lake Creek Trail1885Description MAP
Bryan Mountain Trail3232Description MAP
Campbells Cow Camp Bypass Trail350.6Description MAP
Clayburn Creek Trail 505 Description MAP
Copper Creek Trail1905Description MAP
Cow Camp Trail1817.8Description MAP
Cub Creek Trail3621.5Description MAP
Denny Creek Trail 159 Description MAP
Echols Ridge Trail1875.6Description MAP
Elk Creek Trail 367 Description MAP
Elkhorn Creek Trail1158.3Description MAP
Fall Creek Trail 327 Description MAP
Frypan Creek Trail2793.8Description MAP
Goose Creek Falls Trail 354 Description MAP
Goose Creek Trail 353 Description MAP
Granite Mountain Trail 165 Description MAP
Grass Mountain Trail (New Meadows) 163 7 PTC Summer 2014 PNF Trail Cat Description MAP
Hard Creek/Granite Mountain Trail 164 Description MAP
Hazard Creek Trail 317 Description MAP
Hazard Lake CampgroundGPS 45.2016325  -16.14304
Indian Spring Trail1845Description MAP
Lake Creek Trail1556.8Description MAP
Lava Ridge Trail 373 7 PTR Summer 2014 PNF Trail Rangers Description MAP
Lonesome Ridge Trail3293.9Description MAP
Lost Creek Trail 358 Description MAP
North Star Trail1833.9Description MAP
Paradise Creek Trail1864Description MAP
Partridge Creek Trail 152 Description MAP
Patrick Butte Trail15312.6Description MAP
Pollock Mountain/Cow Camp Trail1794.4Description MAP
Rapid River Ridge Trail17814.6Description MAP
Rapid River Trail17713.9Description MAP
Rankin Mill Trail 191 Description MAP
Sheep Mountain Trail1573.9Description MAP
Teepee Springs/Hard Butte Trail 162 Description MAP
Trail Creek/Paradise Creek Trail1854.1Description MAP
West Fork Rapid River Trail1894.3Description MAP
Upper Hazard/Hard Creek Basin Trail 169 Description MAP
Weiser RD
Brownlee Creek/Grade Creek Trail ?? Description MAP
Cottonwood Creek Trail 269 Description MAP
Cracker Jack Creek Trail 256 Description MAP

Trail System / Name Trail # Trail Miles Maint. By Frequency Trail Description

Fox Prairie Trail 264 Description
Grade Creek/044 road 257 Description
Mills Creek Trail ?? Description
Sleeping Springs Trail 274 Description
Stacey Creek/Adams Creek Trail 281 Description
Sturgill Peak Trail 268 Description
Washpan Trailhead GPS 44.6801084  -116.91797